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Property Management

Maximize Profits And Own Stress Free. All Property Types & Locations.

With years of experience, working in several locations in the United States, we ensure you will find satisfaction on all levels. Shorefront Rentals has always taken the extra step to ensure quality property management for each and every client. Relax and put your property in the hands of a management company who cares. Customer service is at the top of our list, offering friendly and helpful assistance for any needs via telephone or email.

Maximum Revenue:

Owner - Management Communication:

Property Maintenance:


  • Highest revenue per month

  • Beach Access

  • Flatscreen TV in all the rooms

  • Cable TV

  • Landline (*paid service)

  • Around the clock availability

  • Calendar updates

  • Emergency updates

  • Monthly revenue (Within 10 days of month ending)

  • Building Security

  • Reliable Cleaning Service Management 

  • Minor & Major Property Maintenance Handled at the root of the problem

  • Comprehensive set of cutlery, dishes, glasses

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